My name is Maria Avula, I am the owner and founder of Georgia Pooch. I have been in the pet care industry for over twenty years. My love of animals started the day I was born. I grew up with three wonderful rescued cats. But I also had a great love for dogs. I read every dog book I could get my paws on. I began my career volunteering as an assistant dog trainer. I helped with obedience and therapy dog training. From there I began to volunteer at local animal shelters. This sparked my deep passion for rescued pets. I worked with many dogs that no one else wanted to work with, some that had some serious behavioral problems. From there I became a veterinary assistant and certified groomer. I later became a dog walker, and after that a manager of doggie daycare centers. All this experience enriches my work at Georgia Pooch and gives a unique perspective to my understanding of the health and wellbeing of the needs of pets.